Industry Projects


Engage with the business world

A student industry project (SIP) is an option students have as a part of their thesis. Specifically, a selected group of students will be given the opportunity to write their dissertation on a specific problem that targets the needs of a partner private company collaborating with TIME. The project will give you hands-on experience of consulting on a specific business challenge, enabling you to put everything you have learned into practice while offering the chance to network and showcase your individual talent for potential future employment with the organization you write your SIP on.  There are two ways for students to qualify for an SIP:

  • First, depending on availability, the Dissertation Coordinators will assign an SIP to the top students of TIME. These students should expect a small remuneration for their effort.
  • Second, students with an interest in an SIP, as part of their training, are encouraged to find an SIP on their own. For example, after or during their internship, students can coordinate with their Internship Supervisor (the person supervising their internship on behalf of the host organization or institution) as to chose a subject that best fits the interests of the host institution. Nonetheless, students should remember to inform the Dissertation Coordinators about their decision to enter into an SIP. The Dissertation Coordinators are the only ones who are responsible for thesis topics and the student cannot proceed to an SIP without their approval.  

Most project work takes place over the second year and lasts for 8–12 weeks. For the next academic year Creta Farm and Bionature Ltd offer two places for Student Industry Projects. 

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