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Academic excellence

Today's entrepreneurs must navigate business issues and interactions that cut across geographical boundaries and cultures. They must inspire conversations, ignite collaboration and integrate multiple perspectives to drive growth and innovation. At TIME, our rigorous curriculum, diverse faculty and unprecedented international learning experiences will give you the edge you need to impact a complex marketplace.

The three academic institutions behind TIME have distinct capabilities that jointly create an academic environment that fosters knowledge and a deep understanding of the managerial and economic factors that affect innovation, business creation and survival. In particular, the well known expertise in business administration and management science of Wageningen University-Business Economics Group constitutes the building block of the program, which is further buttressed by the proficiency of the University of Crete-Dept of Economics in the study of industrial organisation and innovation, and the eminent research potential of the University of Cyprus-Dept of Economics in microeconomics and quantitative methods.  

Our International Experience Opportunities

Through our breadth of offerings, you can customize your international experience based on your goals and participate in multiple international experiences throughout your time at TIME. You’ll be completely immersed in opportunities that inspire growth in business.

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