Program Overview


What is TIME

TIME is an accelerated, full-time Master's program in Business Economics (MBE). It is jointly offered by a consortium of three universities: The University of Crete, the University of Cyprus and the Wageningen University in Netherlands. It is recognized by the Greek, Cypriot and Dutch Education authorities within the framework of the Bologna Process. 

Program duration and structure

TIME is a full-time program with exit points at 15, 18 and 21 months. The program consists of three components: 

1. The Academic Modules - 60 ECTS (September - May) 
The academic module is taught independently by the University of Crete and the University of Cyprus between September and April at their respective campuses. Both Universities follow an identical curriculum and time schedule.

2. The Summer Practicum - 30 ECTS (May - July)
Between May and July students undertake a summer practicum that takes the form of either a Supervised Internship or an Entrepreneurship Summer School. The internship is overseen by the University of Wageningen and is expected to take place in the Netherlands, Greece or Cyprus. The Entrepreneurship Summer School takes place at the University of Crete for both cohorts.

3. The Master Thesis - 30 ECTS (May - December)
The master thesis is normally drafted between May and December the 31st. If more time is needed, students can extend their exit point. 

Student allocation: Cyprus & Crete Campuses

An integral part of TIME Program is the fact that it involves 1, 2 or 3 different allocations in 3 different countries: Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands.

  • Students can choose to follow the courses either in Crete Campus (Rethymnon Crete, Greece) or in Cyprus Campus (Nicosia, Cyprus). Thus, applicants who wish to apply for the Crete campus follow a different link than the applicants who wish to apply for the Cyprus campus, in order to complete and submit the application form. 
  • TIME gives students the possibility of switching campuses between modules. After the completion of the first module at the campus of their choice (where they have submitted their application), students can choose either to continue for the next module at the same campus or to change. It should be emphasized that the University of Crete and the University of Cyprus both follow an identical time schedule, curriculum, set of procedures, and rules and regulations.

Academic content

TIME comprises 16 different courses belonging to three modules:

  • Module A: Business Economics and Quantitative Methods
  • Module B: Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship for R&D Intensive Firms
  • Module C: Business Skills for Innovative Ventures

Nearly all courses are taught in 24 academic hours.  Performance is assessed through exams, individual assignments and team projects. More details on the academic content of the program can be found here. 


An undergraduate degree. A one page CV/resume presenting details of your academic and professional background. Names and details of two referees. If English is not your native language, your score in a recognised English language test taken within the last two years (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL). Applications will be accepted and considered even without the English test score, however acceptance will be conditional until you take the test and send us the results. GMAT is a plus, but not a must. Work experience will be valued.


TIME MBE is currently offering a 40% scholarship to all successful applicants, which drops tuition fees from the initial total of 10,000€ to only 6,000€ for the total duration of the Program.


For general information on the TIME program (structure, tution, admissions) please contact Admissions Committee at

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