TIME Program


A superior market-oriented curriculum

TIME is an 120 ECTS  full-time Master's in Business Economics program, unique in the South-East Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Caucasus. Building on the consortium's expertise, the TIME curriculum focuses on key areas related to management and entrepreneurship theory, business economics, intellectual property protection, as well as with current developments in various technology fields. Specifically, our curriculum aims to support your individual development needs through an increased choice of dynamic learning methods.  It is designed to build upon your academic or business fundamentals with new skills and knowledge that will propel your career forward. From September to September, you'll immerse yourself in the rigorous curriculum, learn from world-class faculty and build leadership experience and a supportive network that will help you throughout your career.

Year one:

Academically rigorous, the first year of TIME consist of a course and a practicum component. The former concentrate on three modularized general management, entrepreneurship and business economics themes, whereas the later on a supervised summer internship, an entrepreneurship summer course, and the TIME Excellence Lectures. 

Course component
  • Module A: Business Economics and Quantitative Method

    An introductory module of 4 courses: Business Economics, Economics of Innovation and R&D Spending, Data Analytics and Quantitative Methods, and Behavioural Economics. These courses aim in introducing the main business economics and quantitative tools on which TIME builds on.  

  • Module B: Business Skills for Innovative Ventures

    A core module of 6 courses: Finance and Accounting for Decision Making, Marketing and Management for Innovative Firms, Competitive Decision Making and Negotiations, Financial Management for Innovative Firms, Global Economic Challenges, and Firm Performance Evaluation. These are the core courses of every self-respecting business administration program. 

  • Module C: Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship for R&D Intensive Firms

    This module constitutes the main module of TIME, and it is taught by international experts. It brings together six hot topics (Strategy for R&D Intensive Firms, Decision Making for Innovative Ventures, Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer, Use of Innovation and Knowledge in R&D Intensive Firms, Skills for Small Firm Development, New Technology Ventures) that are the sine qua non for any entrepreneur who dreams of creating a new innovative venture.

​Practicum component
  • TIME Excellence Lectures

    A set of lectures by business leaders, practitioners, opinion makers and academic insiders that focus on global market issues, entrepreneurial lessons, innovation and commercialization, startup survival, and best managerial practices. It consitute and important element of the program enhancing its academic component.  

  • Summer Internship

    TIME goes beyond the conventional lecture-oriented post-graduate degrees, offering students an internship in innovative enterprises or research institutions in the Netherlands or abroad. The internship focuses on practical skills and aims to endow you with the experience of putting your skills into action. 

  • Entrepreneurship Summer Practicum

    As an alternative to the summer Internship, you may want to attend the summer course on Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovations that gives you the opportunity to explore a business idea in a practical format and test it’s feasibility through active research in the proposed market using modern learning resources.

Year two 

During the second year students will undertake a thesis in the form of a consultancy project that draws together their learning, applying it to real business problems. Academically it tests a student's ability on real business issues. Professionally it may well open the door for your next career move. We organize regular events for companies to come and talk about their business projects. However, students may also generate their own project to meet their personal needs and aspirations.  

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