Courses Designed for Leaders


Focused on entrepreneurship and innovation

Infused with innovative leadership perspective, the TIME MBE's rigorous general economic and management curriculum teaches you to become a leader who can harness new ideas to create value for your firm. You acquire skills and qualities that enable you to drive growth to ensure your organization thrives. TIME MBE courses are organized into three Academic Modules covering a wide spectrum of Business Economics, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

Our basic modules in business economics and managment help you grow beyond your functional area and develop into a well-rounded manager with leadership strenghts and entrpreneurial spirit across all aspects of modern business organizations. At the same time, our core module on technology innovations invite a deep dive into innovation management topics that support your professional goals while connecting academic theory with real-world practice. 

A. Business Economics and Quantitative Methods:

The shortest of the three modules, introducing students to the quantitative and economic skills that managers need to perform effectivelly. At the same time provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business economics and economic behavior.  

B. Business Skills for Innovative Ventures:

Six courses designed to offer an in depth analysis and a global perspective of financial and accounting tools, logistics, marketing and management, with a special emphasis on corporate financial management and internal business evaluation.  

C. Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship for R&D Intensive Firms:

This is TIME’s core module, which is taught by outside experts. Its objectives are simple. To nurture leaders with a good understanding of the entrepreneurial and strategic skills needed to manage innovation, knowledge and R&D programs. To cultivate the skills required for good risk management involving intellectual property and tech-transfer, with an emphasis on small and medium business development. 

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