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Successful completion of the TIME MBE degree requires submission of a thesis. The thesis should demonstrate your ability to consolidate the range of the tools taught during the taught component of the program with the practical knowledge acquired during the Summer Internship or the Entrepreneurship Summer Course. In this thesis, you may, inter alia, review a business case, investigate a research question, or construct a business plan.

Completion of the thesis is done under the supervision of an advisor of your choice with the assistance of TIME Dissertations Coordinators.  The thesis is written in English and should be no more than 20,000 words.  The first deadline for the submission of the thesis is December the 31st.  The ultimate deadline is the 30th of June (for those wish to exit on the 21st month). Note that the successful drafting of a thesis accounts for 30 ECTS units. 

Selected students will be given the opportunity to participate in a student-industry project (SIP) and write their dissertation on a specific problem targeting the needs of a partner private company collaborating with TIME. Students will be expected to use the latest theories and tools to deliver high quality solutions to real problems entrepreneurial firms face. 

Some useful guidelines are given below:

  • First, choose a topic that you are interested in.
  • Then, discuss with your professors about your idea and choose an advisor.
  • Once an advisor has been assigned, prepare an abstract and submit it, along with thesis title, to the TIME Dissertations Coordinator.
  • You may be asked to revise and resubmit your proposal to the TIME Dissertations Coordinator.
  • After TIME’s Thesis Coordinating Committee has approved the thesis proposal, start preparing your thesis.
  • You should prepare your thesis following TIME’s thesis format and structure.
  • Be careful not to plagiarize.
  • Keep your advisor informed on a regular basis about your thesis progress.
  • When the thesis has been finalized and your advisor has approved it, submit your thesis to the TIME Dissertations Coordinator. The coordinator will forward your thesis to your examiners.
  • Subject to the examiners’ reports, you may fulfil the thesis requirement.

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