Why TIME is Different?


A powerful degree 

All businesses must continually find new ways to create value. This initiative helps business leaders -from startups to large corporations- discover new ideas and turn them into valuable goods and services. In this resepct, as a graduate student you need curriculum that will prepare you to deal with an increasingly complex and technologically advanced economy. Our rigorous academics and experiential learning are designed to do just that. As a TIME student, you will expand your general management and economic foundation to augment your skills as an innovator and entrepreneur. You will have access to a wide range of courses that meet your professional interests or introduce you to new topics. In short, TIME is designed to offer an innovative Business Economics graduate program to explore your leadership qualities and potential. 

An intergated program that:

Bridges the gap between economics, innovation management and entrepreneurship:

TIME faculty acknowledge the importance of developing new ideas and creating novel and innovative products for small and medium sized firms. Providing managerial and entrepreneurial skills to this effect is the main aim of TIME curriculum. 

Offers a well-designed curriculum:

Acclaimed scholars from North America and Europe, including scholars from the consortium institutions, teach at TIME. The curriculum also provides for lectures by well known practitioners. Students with good academic performance can choose between a Supervised Internship Program in Netherlands, Greece or Cyprus and an Entrepreneurship Summer Course in Crete both designed to provide a hands-on experience to future business leaders.

Adjusts continuously the learning process:

TIME takes the view that the learning process should be continuously improved and to this effect ensures the students' voice is always heard. We draw upon the experience of the consortium of the three well established Universities with academic excellence in Business Economics to establish efficient quality control at all stages of the education and training process. 

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