Supervised Summer Internship


Learning by doing

TIME goes beyond the conventional lecture-oriented post-graduate degrees as it attaches particular attention to practical skills. A student internship that offers students such skills is one of the program’s focal points. Accordingly, students are encouraged to find an internship either in the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, the rest of the EU, or even abroad. The internship aspires to allow students to experience the institutional, entrepreneurial, and labour reality of a potential working environment. The internship provides you with the opportunity to work at a host organization, e.g., a company, public institution, consultancy firm, research organization, another university or non-governmental organization. 

During your internship you should aim to work on a project in the context of the host organization and have a position as an ‘employee’ on an academic level. TIME-MBE will offer assistance in actively training you for internship interviews, in shaping your resume, and in helping you find an internship. We have an established network of firms, which have trusted our students in the past and offer internships, but we actively encourage students to reach out to new opportunities as to find an internship that best fits their needs.

Your internship should be concluded by the writing of two reports; one about your personal development (the reflection paper) and one about the results of your internship. The total working load of the Summer Internship corresponds to 30 ECTS. The final number of students that will proceed with the Summer Internship depends on the availability of firms.

Learning ourcomes

After completion of the internship students will be able to: 

  • apply knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study 
  • better execute certain professional skills 
  • work independently and with a feeling for the organization 
  • expand their professional network 

Note that the successful internship accounts for 30 ECTS units.


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