Experiential Learning


Action time

In today's fast-moving world, leaders and entrepreneurs need to know how things get done. Learning by doing is fundamental to the TIME MBE experience. Between May and July students roll up their sleeves and apply what they've learned through rigorous coursework to our partner organizations. Experiential learning exposes students to the same challenges business leaders face every day. Working alongside faculty members, fellow students and corporate partners, you’ll use theoretical business economics concepts to solve critical business issues through special projects, labs and courses. Depending on their academic record students have two choices:

A Supervised Summer Internship

Content: Summer Internship offers the invaluable experience of applying skills and knowledge. It provides the opportunity to work (and, depending on the occasion, receive a small remuneration) at a host organisation, such as a Dutch, Greek, or Cypriot company, public institution, consultancy firm, research organisation, university or NGO. 

Objective: after completion of the internship the student is expected to be able to: (a) apply knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study; (b) better execute certain professional skills; (c) work independently and with a feeling for the organisation; (d) expand her professional network.

An Entrepreneurship Summer Practicum: 

Content: with expert help from specialized and experienced staff, students develop their own ideas and products, and build up the practical skills needed to survive in the competitive global market arena. 

Objective: the summer practicum aims to provide students with a practical understanding of the realities of the market place, leadership skills and the capacity to function within a team, a matter-of-fact approach to solving real problems, and a feeling for the obstacles involved in starting their own business.


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