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Lead confidently in the business arena

TIME MBE is one of the very few programs globally offering students a comprehensive set of skills specifically related to the managerial, entrepreneurial and economic aspects of new technologies, with emphasis on small and medium sized firms. TIME MBE is designed to provide students with the knowledge and the entrepreneurial skills needed to successfully manage innovative ideas in this ever changing environment by offering an integrated curriculum blending theoretical concepts with practical applications.

Specifically, TIME seeks to develop in each graduate coming from different backgrounds the capacity to:

  • adapt and to understand the changing business arena
  • creatively use, shape, and generate value from technological opportunities
  • recognize and confront new opportunities in the business environment
  • evaluate and respond to emerging threats
  • interact with and lead diverse groups of people
  • analyze and evaluate business operations and processes
  • synthesize and apply cross-functional approaches to organizational issues.

International experience

In academic terms, TIME MBE combines the experience of the Economics Department of the University of Crete in economics and the expertise in business administration and management science of the Business Economics Group of Wageningen University, with the academic excellence of the Economics Department of the University of Cyprus, recognized as one of the best Economic Departments in Europe.

Experiential learning

TIME goes beyond the traditional lecture-oriented MBE programs, by including a Summer Internship and a Entrepreneurship Summer Course component in Netherlnads and Crete, respectively. Both summer activities focus on practical skills, and aim to endow future managers with the experience of putting their newly acquired skills into action for a limited period of time. Providing students with hands-on exposure to real-world business situations is a key strength of the TIME MBE Program - and an essential ingredient in shaping innovative leaders.


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