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  • Academic Years 2021-today

    Academic Years 2021-today

    Zachary Anderson


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    Aleni Tsikhlakis


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    Dynisty McFarland-Howard


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    Theocharis Papaioannou

    My undergraduate studies in business administration ignited a deep passion for economics. I found the subject matter fascinating and became increasingly curious about its various facets. This enthusiasm has been a driving force behind my decision to delve deeper into the field. ΤΙΜΕ is known for its emphasis on research and analytical skills. By honing these skills, I aim to become a more proficient problem solver and decision-maker, which will be invaluable not only in my academic pursuits but also in my future career.

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  • Academic Year 2020-21

    Academic Year 2020-21

    Vasiliki Kalenti

    Business was not merely a choice for my undergraduate studies; it was and remains to this day my perception of the world. Throughout the University years, I managed to acquaint myself with quite a few business sectors, specializing in marketing and communication. I have joined TIME-MBE as I consider it essential to be further educated in innovative business practice and objectives.

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    Foteini Papakonstantinou

    Holding a degree in Economics, and aiming to expand my horizon I have joined TIME-MBE in order to specialize in HR.

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    Stylianos Zervos

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  • Academic Year 2019-20

    Academic Year 2019-20

    Ksenia Bulatova

    Passion for ventures, desire for inspiring and managing teams of people, lead to my greatest aspiration; to set my own sustainable and innovative firm. Having a background in Economic Science, I expect that the combination of TIME MBE fields would be the ideal master so as to fulfill my goals.

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    Nikos Galerakis

    Software engineer with 5+ years of experience in designing, analyzing, developing and testing software with focus on the backend. Currently pursuing a master’s degree to complement my experience as a software engineer so that I can ultimately translate technology advancements into business opportunities.

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    Jannis Jakob

    With a background in business engineering focusing on smart services and working experience in several countries, I have dealt with a wide range of managerial issues and learned to value an international working environment. As my dream is to work in the aviation industry, I have enrolled as a TIME MBE student in order to enhance my intrapreneurial skills.

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    Konstantinos Kosmas

    I am a Μechanical Εngineer with a specialization in internal combustion engines and renewable energy projects. I am currently enrolled in ΤΙΜΕ MBE program as I am looking to broaden my horizon in fields of financial markets, management operations and strategic innovation.

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    Anastasia-Maria Kosmidou

    Having a technical background in Agriculture, I enrolled in the TIME MBE program to gain managerial and entrepreneurial skills in order to pursue a career in agriculture with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

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    Emmanouil Markou

    I am an innovative and entrepreneurial Food Scientist with laboratory experience who is focused on improving food sustainability. Aiming to work with a food company that values sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, I am currently expanding my knowledge by attaining a Business postgraduate degree.

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    Eirini Tampakou

    Having an economics background, I enrolled in TIME MBE to gain the entrepreneurial and managerial skills needed in creating innovative products and services. My long-term dream is to be involved in managing a startup venture.

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    Eleni Tsikandilaki

    Having a background in literature and the will and determination to find out how the business and economics world works I challenged myself by enrolling in the TIME MBE program. Today's world is very complicated and requires people to combine knowledge from various disciplines. TIME MBE is well suited in offering me these prospects.

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    Maria Vamvaka

    Having a bachelor's in econonics, I enrolled TIME MBE to gain a set of managerial and entrepreneurial skills and try to understand how business works. My straightforward goal is to put my acquired skills into action.

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  • Academic Year 2018-19

    Academic Year 2018-19

    Nadia Sinekoglou (mail to Nadia)

    I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations and a Minor Degree in Management & Leadership. Having this diverse and supplementary background, I am currently entering the Business sector through TIME MBE, opting to pursue a managerial career in HR and Consulting.

    Emily Aggelaki (mail to Emily)

    Having a background in Economic science, combined with the managerial and entrepreneurial skills that I aiming to acquired through TIME, my goal is to follow my dreams and manage my own business.

    Konstantinos Fragkoulakis (mail to Konstantinos)

    Considering my academic performance as an economist and the desire to ignite my enthusiasm for further engagement in entrepreneurship and innovation, I’m convinced that the prospect of studying at TIME MBE will help me stand out in a competitive market and assist in pursuing my goals.

    Iasonas Daskalakis (mail to Iasonas)

    Based on my degree in Industrial Management and Technology and my experience from working as a Shopping Center Manager, my goal is to enhance my managerial and business skills as to create and manage start-up firms.

    Ria Limniou Koletsi (mail to Ria)

    Having experience as a sales account manager and a Bachelor’s degree in political science I have joined TIME to enhance my skills in communications and management.

    Stefania Karli (mail to Stefania)

    After acquiring my bachelor of Applied Mathematics from University of Crete I wanted to enrich my knowledge by following TIME MBE which provides me with managerial and entrepreneurial skills to begin my career in the production of cosmetics industry.

    Maggie Zavala (mail to Maggie)

    I was born in Mexico city, where I studied my Bachelor degree in commercial relationships. I have joined TIME MBE as to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow me to develop my own ideas and create my own business.

  • Academic Year 2017-18

    Academic Year 2017-18

    Efterpi Epitropaki

    What first drove me to the choice of dealing with the world of business is my self-motivation and creativity. Having studied business administration and specialized at marketing, I am enriching my entrepreneurial skills so that I will fulfill my dream to be a part of startup firms and run my business ideas, turning my passion into profit.

    Konstantinos Koutelidakis

    I have in been working in the tourism industry for the last 7 years, accumulating experience handling administrative, marketing and financial assets. As new technologies drive my business interest, I am continuously shaping business plans on novel ideas that I would like to pursue and convert to business entities. Unanswered needs or inefficient consumer solutions have always intrigued me as an entrepreneur. Innovation through R&D is what I deeply believe in.

    George Koutsourelis

    After two years of working as a lawyer at one of the largest law firms in Crete, I decided to combine my legal background with entrepreneurial and managerial skills. My aim is to effectively manage my established business interests in retail and tourism industry.

    Manos Lentaris

    My undergraduate studies in Environmental Science was a choice I had made in my early years of high school. Initially I was influenced by my uncle who is a university professor in the specific field, but later during my years in university I realized the potentials of this field. After graduation I was seeking for further knowledge in a master degree that would help me combine my knowledge in environment with innovation and economics.

    Deborah Monnie

    I am a computer scientist with experience in wireless and mobile adhoc networks. I double as co-founder Of Orana Foods; a delivery start-up and YALEN; a leadership and entrepreneurship network. My interests lay in developing and managing innovative technology to promote business growth and success. My dream is to competently consult and contribute to the development of the next generation of dynamic products, innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

    Garvin Mu

    Pursing changes and taking challenges are my passions. I have a background in Chinese-English translation and interpretation, which I consider as a window for understanding the business world, as well as working experience as an interpreter and HR specialist. Chasing my dream, I decided to revamp my interdisciplinary background as to gain competitiveness in the job market.

    Yohanna Chawai Obadiah

    I am an Industrial Technology Educator with specialization in Electrical power technology ,with over eight years working experience, for most part of my career i mentor College Students to develop their ability in Technical skills. My aspiration is to advance my entrepreneurial and managerial skills, to become more of an Innovative thinker with the full ability to impact the contemporary inundated knowledge of TIME MBE that will stand the test of time.

    Stratos Pagonis

    I have a solid background in chemical engineering and professional experience in the food sector. I have worked for a major Greek food company, where I participated actively in product development projects as a member of its R&D department. Pursuing my passion, I’m in the process of enriching my technical qualifications by gaining managerial and entrepreneurial skills. My aim is to provide valuable insights and add value into any industrial or startup project.

    Alex Rasidakis

    I have a background in Business Administration and a specialization in food and agricultural enterprises. I have worked as an assistant accountant and as a production manager in a grape exporting business. Having won the finalist award at the 2013 Entrepreneurships’ awards of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit of University of Ioannina, my goal is to further develop my entrepreneurial and managerial skills as to add value to innovative projects.

    Randy Thwala

    Having experience in the business world, along with being very well traveled, I have confidence that I can work in any environment possible. Innovative, flexible team worker with an appetite to further myself in the workplace.

    Eivind Tøllefsen

    I have a Bachelor´s degree in Business and Economics with specialization in financial management and investment analysis. My BA thesis was about lean philosophy. I worked with an accounting firm helping them to maximize customer value with the use of fewer resources. During the past two years I have been involved in the outsourcing of customer services through Teleperformance, one of the world’s leading companies in this sector. I consider myself an innovative person, and I am currently developing my insight in innovation and entrepreneurship, aspiring to contribute in innovative projects.

    Katerina Tsoukala

    I am a defense and security policy analyst with 12 years of professional experience in academia in the UK, France and Iraq, and as a political consultant for green parties at the European Parliament in Belgium and in Canada. Having started my own drone consulting firm in Canada, I’m currently working on my data analytics skills in order to further promote defense conversion, green technology and renewable energy policies.

  • Academic Year 2016-17

    Academic Year 2016-17

    Nikos Koukourakis

    I am an economist with experience as store manager for Prenatal and Artsana. I am in the process of building on my managerial skills as to compliment my considerable experience in marketing and sales. For me business is not about ideas, it’s about turning ideas into reality.

    Dimitris Maratos

    I have a solid background in environmental engineering and four years of professional experience in one of the most prominent construction firms in Greece (AKTOR SA), where I actively participated in major public infrastructure projects. Being highly motivated and entrepreneurial as a person, my aim is to enhance my managerial skills to add value to any innovative project, either as part of a large venture or a promising startup endeavor.

    Stella Mpati

    I have a background in political science and a mindset for recognizing simple ideas with potential. Having won TIME-MBE’s 2016 Liri award on innovative ideas I am developing my managerial and entrepreneurial skills to add value to both nascent as well as established ventures.

    Manos Trichas

    Following a ten-year academic/research career in semiconductors and optoelectronics nano-engineering, I am currently enriching my technical background with strong managerial and entrepreneurial skills, paving my way towards the fascinating world of knowledge based ventures. My dream is to actively participate as an executive in the development of novel products & the creation of emerging markets, in the heart of “innovation promoting environments” like corporate organizations or startups.

    Giorgos Varvitsiotis

    Watch, listen, and learn. You can’t know it all yourself. Anyone who thinks they do is destined for mediocrity. Ambitious and strong analytical person, having background in economic studies, I am currently expanding my knowledge especially in entrepreneurship. It’s time to be on TIME. 

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