Living Expenses


Some basic living costs

Your living costs will vary significantly dependent on your lifestyle. These are estimated to be between 600€ and 800€ per month the year that passed. TIME MBE consist of three modules of eight months in total, but as a guide you may wish to budget over an eleven-month period to ensure you also have sufficient funds during the holidays and summer practicum to meet essential costs. 

Living costs breakdown:

  Per Month  Total of 10 months
  Lower range Upper Range Lower Range Upper Range
Food 170 230 1,700 2,300
Accommodation 260 300 2,600 3,000
Books and Supplies 70 120 700 1,200
Personal items 50 80 500 800
Social activities 30 40 300 400
Other items 20 30 200 300
Total 600 800 6,000 8,000


Additional costs

The above range is based on a single student with no dependants living in provided accommodation (including utility bills). You may need to make additional provision for costs such as a student visa, international travel to and from Crete or Cyprus, and fieldwork.  Students with dependants (a partner or child) will also need to consider separate costs related to their family. 


These estimated food costs would enable you to eat in campus for two meals each day but food costs may be lower or higher, depending on your personal choice about where and what you eat. 


These estimated accommodation costs include related bills (e.g. utilities such as electricity and heating) and are based on accommodation suggested by TIME. You can also live in privately rented accommodation, but should be aware you will have to pay rent outside term, in the holidays. Private accommodation costs may vary from the figures shown, and depend on the number of people you share with and the quality and location of the accommodation.

Other costs

You will need to allow for costs related to your studies, such as textbooks, stationery, printing and photocopying, course-related equipment and materials.

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