Internship in Greece


Working experience in Greece

TIME-MBE has established a network of firms, which have trusted our students with internship positions in the past. A non-exclusive list that should act as a starting guide for students is included herein. Nevertheless, we actively encourage students to reach out to new opportunities as to find an internship that best fits their needs. In their endeavor students will receive the program’s full support in offering training for interviews, in the shaping and fine-tuning of CVs, in giving practical advice, and in actively engaging in the search for internships.

Among our past and current partners are firms like:


TIME MBE has in the past two years forged a close association with one of the most innovative firms of our time. In recognition of our quality teaching our students have been able to intern at Google’s Grow Greek Tourism, gaining invaluable experience.


Grecotel is the largest luxury hotel chain in Greece. As of 2014, the company reported a turnover of 151 million Euro, 1.85 million lodging nights. Grecotel has a total of 35 hotels as of 2017. Grecotel is a leader in using novel technological solution in its services and for this purpose it works closely with a number of innovative startups.

Creta Farm

Established in Crete, a 100% Greek company, and turned it into the largest company group in the meat and deli meats sector in Greece. For thirty years we have worked with passion and devotion to lead Creta Farms along a path of development that has taken it beyond the borders of Greece. We are proud that the strength of our presence and our partnerships abroad have enhanced the global profile of Greek entrepreneurship. We are proud of the exceptionally close relationship we have created with consumers. We dare to innovate: we invest resources, time and expertise in developing pioneering solutions to our consumers’ needs. We create great-tasting meat and deli products that are in line with today’s growing interest in a balanced healthy diet.  We revolutionized the deli meat market with our En Elladi series, in which we use prime quality meat cuts incorporated with extra virgin olive oil in its natural form, thus managing not only to change dietary habits in our country and abroad but we also gained the recognition of the international scientific and business communities. And our consumers have rewarded our efforts by making our products their number one choice in deli meats. 


ProtATonce is a drug discovery solutions provider using advanced Systems Pharmacology analyses with multi-omics data. The firm's computational analysis tools and state-of-the-art facilities enables ProtATonce to provide solid and experimentally proved answers in drug discovery including biomarker discovery, prediction of efficacy, toxicity, target identification, drug mode of action, and drug repositioning. ProtATonce services are based on the generation and analysis of multi-omics data under a systems biology framework. The state-of-the-art multi-omics facilities, the unique expertise in multiplexed (Luminex) proteomic and phosphoproteomic assays, ProtATonce's advanced computational tools, and its happy customers guarantee a unique high quality service.

Crete University Press

The Crete University Press (CUP) was founded in 1984, with a mutual agreement between the Pancretan Association of America and the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH). The main aims and objectives of CUP are to promote scholarly and scientific publications of international academic standard, and the dissemination of scientific ideas and culture to a wider reading public. It is for the latter purpose that CUP is developing an innovative online teaching platform called Mathesis, which has attracted a lot of attention. The success of CUP can be gauged from:

  • the thirteen prizes and awards by academic societies and organisations,
  • from the fact that about 1,500 lecture courses in Greek Universities use books by CUP as textbooks, and
  • the high sales rate in the Greek market (circa 100,000 copies per annum).

Creta Plastics

This innovative firm was established in 1970. It is one of the leading European producers of masterbatches and agricultural films. It has a strong international orientation with plants in France, Romania, Poland, Russia, Turkey and China and exports to more than 60 countries around the world. It has been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999.

KOUVIDIS company 

Established 1979, Kouvidis and nowadays it holds a leading position in the field of electrical materials in the Greek market with continuously improving growth rates, also, expanding its activities to markets abroad. Since 1980, its main activity is the production of high technology Integrated Conduit Systems, for cable protection, made from plastic raw materials.

Aquila Hotels & Resorts 

Aquila takes its name from the golden eagle of Zeus, a symbol of power and endurance. It is an innovative hotel group focusing on customer satisfaction, constantly updating and exceptional services and the absolute attention to detail. Remarkable is the Corporate Social Responsibility program Aquila actively promotes, revolved around environmental sensibility and the support of local community. 

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