19 April 2018

TIME becomes a paperless programme

TIME becomes a paperless programme

Following the new trend set by Yale University, TIME MBE joins the Paperless University initiative. The Paperless initiative is a commitment by the ΤΙΜΕ MBE community to reduce cost and minimize its environmental impact by optimizing business processes via streamlining document management by means of electronic workflows.

Through the Paperless MBE initiative we stride to find novel ways of addressing all issues presented by paper document capture, routing, storage and retrieval. For example, all information that in the past was sent out in a hard copy form (e.g. flyers, brochures, student handbooks etc) will be replaced by an electronic copy, mostly in pdf form.

At TIME MBE we are proud of this initiative and we stride to educate future business leaders who follow a similar approach towards the future of our planet.

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