15 February 2018

And the Liri Award winner is?

And the Liri Award winner is?

The Liri award is an award that TIME-MBE gives to students with an outstanding perception of markets and ability to recognize opportunities and devise appropriate strategies. This year the challenge set to TIME-MBE students was to identify a “blue ocean” for the Israel based startup firm EyeDo.

The 2017 winner of this prestigious award is Miss Deborah Monnie. Deborah was not only able to identify EyeDo’s competing firms, but also managed to spot gaps in their strategy and pinpoint market niches in which EyeDo could operate in the future.

The prize for the Liri award is an internship with EyeDo. Spending time in the company will give the opportunity to Deborah to come to terms with one of the most innovative markets in the world.

Congratulations Deborah!

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