24 November 2017

2017 LIRI Award

2017 LIRI Award

Eyedo, a leader in field service management (FSM), sets this year’s LIRI award theme as well as the first prize, which is an internship with this innovative startup at its headquarter in Tel Aviv, Israel. The head of Eyedo, Ronen Yemini, will present the 2017 LIRI award during a forthcoming TIME-Excellence lecture in which he will outline the present day realities of FMS, challenges and opportunities.

In order to take part in this contest TIME-MBE students should study the slides that they have been given, which explain Eyedo’s business plan and its main FSM product. If you do not fully understand the product and the way Eyedo operates use the internet to acquire as much data about Eyedo as possible. Start with (

Having gained an understanding about Eyedo’s product:

  1. Identify perspective competitors. You need to identify at least 5 to 10 competitors (the more the better). To help you out in your search start with Jobber ( and Filedaware ( who equally offer FSM services.

Study these competitors in terms of their FSM products and in terms of their business plans. Try to understand the similarities and differences between Eyedo’s product and the one offered by these firms. Equally, try to understand similarities and differences in terms of business plans.

Based on your assessment of the products and of the business plans you must answer the key strategy question that every firm needs to ask.

  1. Is there a blue ocean of uncontested market space for Eyedo?

If there is a blue ocean then:

  1. Briefly outline how should Eyedo change its business plan as to capture this blue ocean?

Your answer should not exceed one page, 11pt Time New Roman typescript, normal spacing. Answers that exceed this limit will not be considered.

The deadline for submitting your answer is Friday the 15th of December 2017 at 24:00. You will submit your answers to the secretary of TIME-MBE via email only.

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