19 September 2018

TIME welcomes the class of 2018-19

TIME welcomes the class of 2018-19

TIME MBE extends a warm welcome to the new cohort of students. The class of 2018-19 is truly a diverse one with a mixture of young and mature students, from various entrepreneurial backgrounds.

The TIME curriculum has been appended incorporating all the latest developments, especially in data analytics and in management strategy. The classrooms have been refurbished with the latest equipment to allow for distance learning, and a new fully equipped lecture hall has been inaugurated in Heraclion for students who live and work there. 

An exciting list of innovation and entrepreneurship seminars from global experts, as well as lectures from well known professionals, awaits the class of 2018-19. Their first true test is in November with the presentation of The Liri Award (presented to the student with the best idea for a startup firm), followed by the interviews for the summer internship in innovative firms in Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the Netherlands.

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