09 March 2017

Why study in an MBE course?

Why study in an MBE course?

A Master's in Business Economics on the one hand provides a strong foundation in basic economic principles and on the other meets the needs of decision-makers and entrepreneurs in business and related areas. During the course students develop a critical ability in applying economics to practical scenarios in real-life situations. Diverse courses span both traditional and emerging field in economics. The program produces professionals with the multidisciplinary background required in economics and business; lateral thinkers who are analytically strong and adaptable.

Specifically, skills developed on the MBE course include:

  • leadership, organizational, interpersonal and team-working skills
  • working to deadlines in producing analyses, reports and presentations to professional standards
  • ability to interpret economic data and market situations
  • ability to explain complex business issues to non-specialists
  • application of economic tools and concepts to the business world
  • research project design, implementation and management

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