Our Values and Mission


Simple, innovative, challenging!

TIME MBE was built on the belief that success comes to those who can combine the flair of many to a single aspiration. Learning how to align common values, goals and aspirations with individual decisions and actions is essential to maximize business impact and create lasting value.These simple principles shapes our values and mission.

Our core values:

  • To succeed one must learn to manage a diverse set of inputs: When you understand the complexity of modern businesses and how each part of an organization contributes to the success of the whole, you approach problems differently. You ask better questions and work more effectively.
  • Strong leaders should ignite and inspire lasting growth: TIME MBE will equipe you with a broad skill set that prepares you to lead your business in the face of unprecedented challenges and enormous opportunities.
  • To lead confidently with vision and purpose: Through the TIME MBE program you will learn to better understand your talents, take full advantage of your professional strengths and create more impact in people and organizations.

Our mission:

  • To shape future business leaders: At TIME MBE we help future managers to single-out their objectives, and teach them to utilize an assortment of innovative solutions for their purpose.

  • To explore innovative opportunities: TIME graduates will be able to create and disseminate new knowledge through research and education that advances the practice of business.

  • To maintain academic excellence: In TIME we aim to serve our students by teaching them critical thinking and the value of a commitment to excellence, ethical behavior and respect for one another.

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