Nicosia Campus


The TIME MBE experience at the crossroads of civilizations

There’s a good reason why TIME established its campus in Nicosia: The city is bustling with global commerce, attracting corporations from around the world and serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe.

The Nicosia campus, located just outside the city, boasts that same international flavor. Yet the campus also mirrors its Rethymnon counterpart, offering the same rigorous curriculum, supreme faculty and unparalleled network.

Key Benefits

  • Experience the same curriculum, faculty and distinctive approach offered on the Rethymnon campus. 
  • Enjoy impromptu discussions with faculty members, who stay on campus with students while classes are in session. 
  • Attend classes in facilities designed for TIME’s students and equipped with the latest technology. 
  • Feel the heartbeat of a vibrant business centre, Nicosia. 
  • Study and collaborate with your peers in any of the campus’ study rooms, conference areas or comfortable lounges. 
  • An international airport that offers connections to all worldwide destinations.

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